The event centre is open for usage for a period of 8hrs and extra one hour to evacuate the hall. Extension of your time attracts a certain amout per hour.
Cooking is NOT allowed within the premises except the kitchen area. Charcoal and fire wood are not allowed.
Disposable bags will be provided for waste deposit therefore any unwholesome act by servers will be penalized.
The use of pins and nails on our surface or walls is highly prohibited and in order not to damage our drapes and blinds, decorators are advised to use mostly free-standing decorations or the fixed wall hangers.

A minimum of 30% of the total AGREED contract sum is accepted as a non-refundable deposit which must be paid directly to the company account. It is upon this payment that a contract is established, we will not be liable for any disappointment due to late payment.

Cancellation of booking over a period of two months before the event will attracts penalty of 20% deduction from the deposit while a cancellation within the period of 2months and below will attracts 50% penalty of the amount deposit.

Daylan Event & Conference Centre a place where your event becomes more than just a special occasion; it becomes a memory to savor for a lifetime. Our trademark is Creating Events of Distinction.

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